Third Time’s the Charm?

I’ve been rewatching the Battlestar Galactica reboot from 2004 recently.  The first time I watched it, I enjoyed it solely because it added cool elements they didn’t have the time, money, or inclination to add into the original series.   Example:  the Egyptian and Greek mythologies of the planet names, character names, and the symbolism used throughout.  The second time, I watched it with my wife, who hadn’t seen it before.  Now, I’m watching it and trying to figure out the symbolism and philosophy behind the storytelling.

Example:  eternal recurrence.  Often during the show, characters, especially the Cylons, state ‘this has happened before, and this will happen again.’  This becomes apparent when the refugee fleet finds the planet Kobol, supposed ‘birthplace’ of the 12 Colonies (and the mythical 13th Colony, Earth).  Spoilers, if you’ve not seen the show:  after finding the map to Earth on Kobol, the Colonists AND the Cylons come upon Earth.  Except, it’s not our Earth.  It’s another Earth, one that was destroyed centuries ago in a nuclear catastrophe.  It’s very strongly implied that on this world, Cylons and Humans lived together (at least I believe that to be the case, my memory is fuzzy).  Regardless, ‘Earth’ turns out to be a dead end, a dead world that isn’t habitable by the human-type Cylons, or the regular Humans.  Eventually, the races discover ‘our’ Earth, and set up a new home there.  They become the original race of mankind, with hybrid Human-Cylon babies becoming part of ‘our’ early history.

Let’s think about this.  If, at some point, ‘Kobol’ was the birthplace of ancient man, and ‘first Earth’ was the original birthplace of human-model Cylons, and they either in unison or as enemies, destroyed that world – while at the same time, ‘man’ was thriving throughout the original 12 Colonies, where they would eventually create ‘original’, or fully robotic, Cylons, who would then create hybrid Human-Cylon models, what’s to say that Human-Cylon hybrids weren’t actually part of the early race of primitive man that left Kobol?  We have evidence of Human-Cylons existing when the 12 Colonies are destroyed – Sharon Valeri, Chief Tyrol, Saul Tigh, and others.

Is everything predestined?  Maybe.  I’ll talk more about eternal recurrence in my next post, and how a Galactica reboot could work as a prequel – and not in a ‘Caprica’ sense.

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