Working Man Blues

Well, it had to happen sometime.  I went back to work on Monday, after having been laid off in February of 2017, and then finishing up my degree for the remainder of the year.  Looking for a job is stressful – money only lasts for so long, especially when you have bills to pay.  I’ve had some job interviews since my original layoff date, some from companies I would have enjoyed working for, others that I did only because I needed work.  My new company, everything came together – the vibe from my managers, the culture fit, the type of work, the work-life balance.  The only complaint I have is in regards to my commute – it’s rough, but – I get to work earlier, which means I miss most of the traffic, allowing me time to cook dinner, or go to the gym, or be a bum after work.

Anyway, this isn’t a gripe – I have a great job with a good salary, and that’s not something everyone can say.  So, no pontificating about music tonight…just a brief update for all two of you that read this from time to time.

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