Sunny Afternoon

KinksSo, shortly after I complained about the constant rain, it stopped raining.  And hasn’t rained now for nearly 48 hours (although it did hail yesterday).  Hmm, maybe complaining does get you somewhere.  Since this is a blog about (amongst other things) music and record collecting, maybe I should talk about a record I found today.  Above is a copy of the Kinks’ lp Face To Face.  I like the Kinks, they’re a great band that is looked at more from an influential standpoint than a commercially successful one.  At one of my local shops today, I found this monophonic repressing which was released in 1979.  The original came out in 1967 and is rare as crap, especially in decent condition.  Pye Records (their original label) did a run of both mono and stereo reissues for the German market in 1979-1980.  Previously, at the same shop, I’d found a monophonic repress of my favorite Kinks album, Are The Village Green Preservation Society.  My find today was a nice companion piece.  The same shop also had a monophonic reissue of Arthur (Or, The Decline and Fall of the British Empire), but I have an original stereo copy from 1969 that sounds great, so I didn’t see the need to open my wallet for a mono edition, although the German market represses are quite nice.  Lately I’ve been striking out with records from my local shops, so today’s find was quite nice.

Another cool thing that happened to me today was I got into a random conversation with two guys in my locker room.  They were talking about getting tickets for Alvvays in April (a show I’ve already bought my tickets for), and so we chatted for awhile about music both new and old, what we liked and disliked, and upcoming shows.  These guys were a little younger than me but not, you know, young young.  It’s nice to know that there are other older people, aside from myself, that still try to stay current with what’s going on musically.  I turned them on to Dream Wife, one of my favorite new bands, so hopefully they’ll go out and support them with a purchase of their new lp.

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