Coincidences Abound


This weekend there are lots of women’s marches happening around the country – a response to 45’s anti-female actions, and to keep the #metoo movement in the spotlight.  That’s great.  The Fault would go out and march proudly with his female allies, but alas, The Fault is only on day two of the flu, and can barely hold it together.  As is my wont on a Saturday, I turn on local (but streaming worldwide) station KEXP.  KEXP is the best radio station in the world, hands down.  They always mix it up and keep it fresh.  You’ll hear recognizable classics that you won’t hear anywhere else, but you’ll also hear new jams, which you also won’t hear anywhere else.  KEXP is committed to breaking boundaries, defying convention, and bringing the best in music – old and new – directly to your eardrums.  I can’t tell you the number of bands I’ve discovered or rediscovered thanks to KEXP.  And Saturday is my favorite day to listen.  They have Positive Vibes reggae in the morning until noon (and we’re talking deep cuts here), and then from noon until six we get a variety – usually new music with some classics thrown in the mix.  At six we get Audioasis, which is Northwest homegrown artists, and then from 9 to Midnight it’s Sonic Reducer – punk and hardcore.  At Midnight you get metal, so really, there’s no better sonic lineup out there on a Saturday into Sunday.  You’ll never be bored, let me tell you that much.

Is there a point to this, other than free plugging for KEXP (no seriously, go listen to the station.  They’re non-profit, so if you like what you hear, think about making a donation).  There is.  This weekend, all of KEXP’s programming is going to be women artists, in honor of the women’s marches.  The Fault listens to, and buys, mostly retro music.  Oddly enough, the only new music The Fault has been buying has been female-led or all female bands.  A couple weekends ago I picked up the EP, 7″ single, and full-length debut from the band Diet Cig.  Diet Cig is a power-pop-punk band, think White Stripes crossed with Go-Go’s.  They’re a lot of fun and I hope to catch them live.  A newer band I am catching live is Alvvays, who are playing Neumo’s, one of The Fault’s favorite local clubs, in April.  Alvvays is power-pop with a bit of 60’s French pop a la Serge Gainsbourg thrown in.  They’re very reminiscent of Saint Etienne, one of my all-time favorite bands, which may be why I liked them from the first time I heard them.  And finally, I discovered another new band called Dream Wife, whose debut album drops next week.  Click the link to check out their awesome video for “Hey Heartbreaker”, it’s not only a great video, but also a super catchy song.  The Fault is hoping they tour the states, and right soon at that.  Other than being new-ish female fronted bands, I first heard them all on KEXP, bringing this post neatly full circle.  And now I can crawl back into bed.

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